Jaidev Patwardhan


I graduated with a Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science, at Duke University in summer 2006. I am now at MIPS Technologies in Mountain View, CA.

My primary area of interest is computer architecture, encompassing processor to platform architectures. I am interested in designing resilient, high performance parallel and general-purpose architectures. I am also interested in the application of performance analysis and debugging techniques at various levels of the platform (microarchitecture, chipset, application and systems software) to improve system performance. My thesis research explored the impact of emerging device and manufacturing technologies on the design of computer architectures. Specifically, I worked on the Troika project. My thesis advisor was Prof. Alvin R. Lebeck in the Duke Computer Architecture Group. I received my MS in Computer Science from Duke in May 2002. My project was titled "Register File Management for Kilo Instruction Window Processors". Before coming to Duke in fall 2000, I graduated with a bachelors degree in computer engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India in May 2000.

Email: jaidev AT ieee DOT org

Last Updated: Aug 30th 2006